2014 is coming to an end and as we look back on the accompllishments of the last yeah, here is a collection of the top 5 hangouts on air that put together. We hope you enjoy and that more amazing ocean experiences are in your future.

  1. Champions of the High Seas
    One of the last hangouts of the year that the Symposium held from the World Parks Congress, this discussion went over the issues facing the high seas from the perspective of a UN representative, a photographer, the leader of a Polynesian cultural sailing group, Sylvia Earle and Sir Richard Branson.

  2. Our Ocean Conference Broadcast live from the State Department's Our Ocean conference the Symposium hosted and produced this fantastic hangout which included Sylvia Earle, the Nat Geo "Kid Reporter" and even Fabien Cousteau from the Aquarius Reef Base.

  3. Diving Into Shark Week Shark Week has always been a big hit for the Online Ocean Symposium. This year we had returning guests David Shifman, Christie Wilcox and a special guest from Discovery's Alien Shark.

  4. Ocean Acidification With a fantastic panel of scientists, this hangout goes over the complex issue of carbon sequestration of the ocean and what long term effect it has. This hangout even features a science experiment and a soda maker.

  5. Sea Star Die Off Only in the last few months of 2014 did scientists find the possible reasons for the wasting away of starfish up and down the coast of the United States but back in March the Symposium brought together experts to explain the problem, with a creepy visual or two.