Diving into #SharkWeek

Diving into #SharkWeek
Date: Posted on Aug 6, 2014
Guests:Rachel Dearborn - Upwell
Christie Wilcox - Discover Magazine
Victoria Vasquez - Ocean Research Foundation
Sharks for Kids
Kristina Gonzales - One World One Ocean
and more!
Description: Shark Week is a week-long phenomenon where it seems all eyes are on sharks. First broadcasting in 1987, Discovery’s Shark-centric programming has been making a huge splash ever since. Throughout the years, there have been examples of both really jawsome(jawesome) programming, and some real disappointments that were downright miseducational. Groups like Upwell have found that this week notes an explosion of interest in these marine animals and have taught “sharkinars” on how scientists and conservation groups can harness this frenzy.