Ocean Acidification: Climate Change's Caustic Cousin Date: Published on May 23, 2014 Guests: Moose O'Donnell - Senior Scientist at Ocean Science Trust Sarah Cooley - Ocean Conservancy C. Mark Eakin, Ph.D. Coordinator - NOAA Coral Reef Watch Terry Sawyer, Hog Island Oyster Farm Owner Paul Bunje, Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE Description: Ocean Acidification is the lay-name given to a side-effect of of humanity's Carbon Emissions. The absorption of this carbon into the ocean has begun altering it's pH to become less basic. This has affected ecosystems across the world, the marine life that live in those ecosystems and the industry that relies on that marine life.

To highlight efforts to address OA, this Google Hangout will be comprised of representatives from the fishing community, government, conservationists, XPRIZE, and scientists. We will engage in an in-depth discussion around the issue, as well as open the floor for interested citizens to ask questions of Hangout participants.